Redeeming where you live, work, and play

We desire to extend a circle of divine compassion, truth, and mercy of Jesus from our homes outward to the ends of the earth. 

We demonstrate God’s love in tangible ways with his peace, presence, and power. The measure of our compassion lies not in our service to those on the margins but in our willingness to see ourselves in kinship with them. We seek nothing short of shalom, the flourishing and welfare of our city, and to see God’s world along with all that he has made become as He intended it to be. At Woodcreek Church, our heart for service extends through seven key Areas of Engagement in our Outreach Ministry. We believe in the transformative power of God's work, not only in our lives but also in the lives we touch. As you consider where to direct your passion, time, and talents, we invite you to join us in prayer, asking where God might be leading you to make a tangible difference.

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The Outreach Ministry’s goal is to equip disciples of Jesus to redeem the places they live, work, and play into outposts of the Kingdom of Heaven. 

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“And the master said to the servant,
‘Go out to the highways and hedges
and compel people to come in,
that my house may be filled.”
Luke 14:23, ESV

Outreach Ministry embodies the church's call to serve and love others as Jesus taught. It is crucial for connecting the church with the wider community and demonstrating the tangible love of God. Through outreach, the church fulfills its mission to spread hope, provide support, and foster spiritual growth both locally and globally.

7 Areas of Engagement

We are currently streamlining our volunteer onboarding process for the Outreach Ministry!

As we work on making this process more user-friendly, please don't hesitate to contact a specific area of engagement to start the conversation. Stay tuned for updates! We are excited about what God is here at Woodcreek and around the world!

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  • Focus: Enhancing educational opportunities, including ESL (English as a Second Language) programs, to foster learning and personal development.
  • Opportunity: BEST (Building English Skills Together).
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Serve the Vulnerable

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Special Needs Community

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Serve the Nations

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Criminal Justice

  • Focus: Programs aimed at tangibly showing the love of Christ and support of His people to those in incarceration. 
  • Opportunity: Kairos Prison Ministry.
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Be a Global Witness

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  • Focus: Encouraging community building and neighborly outreach through practical resources and initiatives.
  • Opportunity: The Art of Neighboring.

Get Connected

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Meet the Team

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Kevin Bennett | Outreach Pastor
[email protected]

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Charlotte Branch | Outreach Coordinator
[email protected]

"I believe Jesus cares deeply that His church intentionally seeks out areas of needed mercy, justice, and wholeness - and follows Him as He moves toward the marginalized. I want to help Woodcreek do just that." -Kevin Bennett

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