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Worship Arts

Worshipping God, for the Christ-follower, is an amazing journey of sacrifice, service and sometimes singing. Worship is something every believer does from the day they’re born again throughout all eternity!  Sometimes it happens in the simplest ways, conscious or unconscious, for the desire to worship God resides in the heart of every believer.

We recognize the creative gifts God has given to everyone in the body, making the Woodcreek body as unique as any local church. Our hope is to draw out artists of all kinds to share their gifts with the body of Christ at Woodcreek, bringing Him glory through those gifts. Whether you are a musician, vocalist, painter, dancer, photographer, sculptor or graphic artists, we want you to be a part of Worship Arts at Woodcreek!  Please let us know who you are and how you might want to be involved! Contact jon.lilley@woodcreekchurch.com and let start talking.