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Your story is important. In fact, your story is a gift from God to draw others to Jesus. Peter wrote “Always be ready to give an answer to anyone who asks you about the Hope you have.” Jesus’ last command was to be His witnesses. We want everyone at Woodcreek to be actively sharing God’s love with those around them. Telling others what God is doing in your life is a compelling way to be His witness!

We want you to be confident about sharing your story and sharing the Gospel. Here are some helpful resources:

Sometimes when we talk about our convictions with others, we run into tough questions. Here are some helpful websites:

You can start sharing your story today by sharing it with us! Your story of growth and transformation encourages us and others. If you are willing, we may want to share your story with others through our weekly E-News or through a video testimony. Just fill out the form to share your story. We promise we won’t do anything without your full permission!

Below are stories that other Woodcreeker’s have shared with us. Watch and be encouraged with how God is constantly working in our lives.