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Past Sunday Messages

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Mission #12- Divine Appointments (Brewer)

Jesus models for us how to engage people in spiritual conversations and challenges us to share his passion for reaching out people with the good news of the Gospel.

Mission #11- Serving is the Heart of a Disciple

The heart of Jesus was the heart of serving others. We see this at every turn in His life with the ultimate act of serving at the cross. The way up is down in the Kingdom. When we serve others we are having the heart of Jesus.

Mission #9 – Becoming True Worshippers

God not only deserves our worship but he also desires it. That truth alone should prompt us to worship God more often and to become better at it.

Mission #6 – The Heart of a Disciple

How we receive and apply the Word of God is determined by the condition of our hearts. The parable of the four soils is an illustration of how the heart of a disciple can be a place where the Word of God will or will not grow and produce fruit.

The Mission #2: His Mission is Our Mission

In Matthew 28:19 Jesus wasn’t making a suggestion or asking for volunteers. He was giving a command to his disciples to make disciples. Today, we seem to have lost a sense of priority and urgency about the mission as if Jesus didn’t give it to us.

Mission #1: To Glorify God

One of the things we love about beginning a new year is it gives us an opportunity to press the reset button. It’s a good time to be reminded of why we exist and to recommit to living out our purpose.

Christmas Stories #2: Magi Wisdom

Simeon’s story is included in the Christmas Story because God wants us to live our lives with the same sense of anticipation and hope in the coming of Jesus Christ. Because the truth is, we are given a similar kind of promise.

Christmas Stories #1: Simeon, A Christmas Hymn

Simeon’s story is included in the Christmas Story because God wants us to live our lives with the same sense of anticipation and hope in the coming of Jesus Christ. Because the truth is, we are given a similar kind of promise.

The Word of God & the Will of God

Simeon’s story is included in the Christmas Story because God wants us to live our lives with the same sense of anticipation and hope in the coming of Jesus Christ. Because the truth is, we are given a similar kind of promise.

Fear & Thanksgiving

Is it possible to think you are a Christian, but not really be one? This message covers (1) what the Gospel is, and (2) how to know if you really believe it.

Raise Up! #3: Wise Investment Strategies

In Matthew 6:19-24, Jesus reminds us that how we view and use our money reveals what we really value and who we really serve. He challenges us as stewards of Christ to look for every opportunity to leverage earthly assets for heavenly treasure.

Raise Up! #2: Becoming God’s Investment Manager

When we become serious about being a disciple of Jesus Christ, we will stop thinking and living like owners and start thinking and living like managers. And our practice as godly stewards will be about faithfulness grace, enthusiasm and love.

Raise Up! #1: Introduction

We can’t afford to get distracted or discouraged from invested in our mission of making disciples who make disciples. This is what the Raise Up Project is really all about.

Daniel #12: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

In this final prophecy of Daniel the Lord outlines the future in tremendous detail. Each prophetic event came about exactly as predicted, with one exception; the future coming of the anti-christ.

Daniel #11: The Invisible Battle

Daniel chapter 10 begins the final section of the book. In this chapter we see that after Daniel prayed he had to wait 21 days for the answer to come from God because there is ongoing conflict between Satan’s demons and God’s angels.

Daniel #10: The 70 “Sevens” Prophecy

The angel Gabriel reveals to Daniel one of the most important, specific and difficult prophecies about the future of the nation of Israel in the Old Testament. The events of this prophecy have spanned from the time of Daniel to the future.

Daniel #8: The Ram, the Goat and the Evil Horn

Daniel chapter 8 is a vision and a prophecy about the exact details of the coming persecution for the Jews 400 years later. It gave those Jews hope that there will be an end to persecution and gives us confidence that the Bible truly is the Word of God.

Daniel #6: Daniel and the Lion’s Den

We learn from Daniel that In the nation of Babylon, as in our own, courageous faith actions are equipped through consistent faith practices.

Daniel #5: Contagious Christianity

Pride leads to destruction but humility before God leads to life. This is the lesson of Daniel 5 where the arrogant pride of Belshazzar leads to the final destruction of the great Babylonian empire.

Daniel #3: Fire and Faith

Daniel and his three friends were living “Between Two Worlds”. In Daniel 3 the three friends could not obey the king by worshiping the image. They knew they would suffer for that choice but God delivered them through the fire. God was again glorified.

Daniel #2: Dreams and Kingdoms

Daniel 2 is perhaps the single most complete prophecy regarding the world’s kingdoms in the Bible. Dan 2 reminds us that it is God and God alone that sets up and tears down the world kingdoms. As Christians we should submit to God and His kingdom.

Daniel #1: Between Two Worlds

As a young man Daniel was taken from his home and shipped off to Babylon. Daniel had to determine how to live as God’s child in this godless world. In Daniel chapter one we see clearly how to live “Between Two Worlds” as Christians have to do today.

Confident Faith #15: That We May Know

John finishes his letter, reminding his readers of the confidence they have in their eternal life, prayer, power over sin and the evil one, and relationship with the one, true God.

Confident Faith #14: The Testimony Concerning Jesus

John identifies multiple witnesses that provide their testimony concerning Jesus the Christ, the Son of God. We look at WHO provides the testimony, WHAT the testimony is, and WHY the testimony is important.

Confident Faith #13: The “Born” Identity

In this paragraph John offers three clues describing those who have been born of God. Those who have been born of God believe that Jesus is the Christ, love the children of God, and overcome the world.

Confident Faith #12: With Love there is No Fear

We can have confidence of our salvation because we have been given the Holy Spirit. As a result we see the fruit of the Spirit in our lives, the first being love. And when we have the love of God there is no fear or eternal judgment.

Confident Faith #11: God is Love!

The truth that “God is love” is a life-changer. To know how that love was shown through God sending His only Son to die for our sins affects everything about our lives. The more we know the Father the better we can love one another.