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Past Sunday Messages

Here you can listen to the message and and download Communiuty Group Questions.

Glorifying God #2: Created to Glorify God

You and I are created to glorify God, as our willful offering, in harmony with one another, so that in all we do Christ might be worshipped. How has God uniquely created you to worship Him? May you be free from fear and cynicism to boldly worship God.

Glorifying God #1: Resolved!

Is my behavior or attitude or activity declaring God’s glory? Does it put God’s glory on display? Or is it an attempt to glorify me?

#2 Recapturing the Wonder of Christmas, His Arrival

The most popular version of the Christmas Story is Luke 1-20. But because we are so familiar with it, we assume we’ve seen all there is to see in this story. But what if we opened our eyes and made room in our hearts? What might God reveal to us?

#1 Recapturing the Wonder of Christmas, The Anticipation

What God wants us to see and believe is that the Promised Messiah of the Old Testament is Jesus in the New Testament. The story surrounding his coming into the world is the real reason behind the celebration of Christmas.

#26 Sermon on the Mount, Do Not Be Deceived

As we near the end of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus gives two warnings to His followers to help keep them from deception. This message will discuss the warnings against false-prophets and against self-deception, and how we can avoid both.

#19 Sermon on the Mount, Pray Like Jesus

Prayer is an opportunity to speak directly to God, from our hearts to His. Whether we pray in public or in private, God is seeking an honest heart of humility, that reaches out to God in simplicity and sincerity.

“As I have loved you…”

Special guest speaker, Kevin Butcher, is here to share a message of love. To love one another, we must experientially know that He first loved us. And to abide in His great love requires a healing process.

#10 Sermon on the Mount, Portrait of a Disciple: Salt & Light

This evil world needs salt because it is corrupt and it needs light because it’s dark. Jesus said we are to be salt and light in the world. Salt preserves, light penetrates. Salt adds flavor, light attracts. Both are designed to influence the world.

#8 Sermon on the Mount, Portrait of a Disciple: The Peacemaker

Peace is not simply the lack of open conflict or hostility. It is harmony, welfare, prosperity, wholeness. Because of what Jesus has done, we can have peace with God. Because we have peace with God, we can be peacemakers with others.

#2 Sermon on the Mount, Portrait of a Disciple: Poor in Spirit

The poor in spirit know that they have nothing to offer to God in exchange for their salvation. The poor in spirit know they desperately need God’s grace. These are blessed because they are living in and look forward to the kingdom of heaven.

#1 Sermon on the Mount, Portrait of a Disciple: Overview

The on the Mount is one of the most provocative and powerful messages in history. It is not only counter-instinctive and counter-cultural. It also gives Jesus’ disciples a portrait of what he wants his followers to be like and live like.

Discipleship of the Spirit #3: The Promised Gift

God wants every believer to experience the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit who is at work transforming us into the image of Jesus Christ. The secret is living under the control of the Holy Spirit or “being filled with the Spirit.”

Discipleship of the Spirit #2: The Promised Gift

And at the moment a person makes the decision to believe in Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit initiates a spontaneous spiritual chain reaction that results in some incredible, eternity-altering changes. Everything changes!

Discipleship of the Spirit #1: The Promised Gift

Jesus, before He left the disciples, sent them (and us) on a mission to go and make disciples. But He does not send us out with first empowering them with the indwelling power of God the Holy Spirit. When we realize this it will change our lives.

Baptism Sunday

If baptism isn’t necessary for salvation, then why be baptized? The reason is because Jesus commanded his disciples to baptize disciples and, therefore, this is what Christians did, have done for 2,000 years, and still do.

Easter Sunday – Belief Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Christianity rises or falls on the Resurrection story. If it’s true, everything changes. If it’s not true, we are wasting our time believing and living as if it is. Fortunately, there is a great deal of evidence for us to believe beyond reasonable doubt.

Mission #14-Coming To The Place of Surrender

Christianity is not about adding Christ. It’s about surrendering every area of your life to him and allowing him to live in you and through you. Contrary to what the world believes, surrender results not in weakness and defeat but in power and victory!

Mission #13-The Mark of a Disciple: Obedience

Part of being a disciple is obeying Jesus and teaching others to obey Jesus. It is our love for Jesus that leads to obedience and it is God’s love for us that leads to the commandments He gives us.