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I have been at Woodcreek for 5 years. Shortly after I started to attend I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The day before surgery I met with the elders and they anointed me with oil and prayed for me. When the surgery was completed, there was no cancer. Everything was clear. That was 5 years ago.


In the 7 years I have attended Woodcreek I have made friends who spur me on to love and good deeds. I have learned new Bible study methods that help me hear God and apply His truths to my life. I have learned new ways to pray that enrich my prayer life. I have experienced worship on Sunday mornings at a deeper level than ever before.

Jan Bennett

I came to RBFC in 2000 after accepting Christ into my heart. God blessed me with RBFC and then Woodcreek. Thank you so much for always loving and helping me grow! I was baptized in the pool at RBF. In Christ, Amen.

Becky Locke

When I came to Woodcreek, I was looking for a church that had community I could share and do life with. I found that in the Young Adult ministry amongst fellow Christians who desired to share their lives, and who asked the hard questions as we went through life’s challenges everyday (not just in a church building). Even the simple things like lunch gatherings and coffee shop meet ups, as well as fun group events, were times to connect and have support through the hard times.

Joanna Shutts

Our family made the decision to come to Woodcreek in 2010 to find a youth group for our girls; it has been life-changing for them, but no one in the family benefited more than me. I began coming to Heart to Heart in 2008 in search of something to fill the empty void in my life. My walls were pretty high, so I don’t share much. Over the years in Heart to Heart, God put some amazing women in my life. They accepted me where I was, loved me as I struggled and challenged me to set my eyes on Jesus. As God has done healing in my life, it has enabled me to extend the same love to others.

Julie Thomas

After only being a member at Woodcreek less than a year, my husband died. Woodcreek stepped in to help our family through this crisis by providing help with the last hours of his life, as well as the funeral service. Afterward, care was given through grief follow-up over the next year. In addition, being in a Bible study group carried me through this difficult time.

Donna DaCosta