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We are so excited to share some important information about the timeline for completion of the new building.

Mark your calendars now for an OPEN HOUSE on Saturday, January 27 from 10 AM to Noon. This time will give us all a sneak peek at the building and an opportunity to share it with our community. More details will be provided in January.

Our first Sunday using the new building is January 28.

If you are interested in committing to this project financially, consider letting us know below. This information maintains the same confidentiality of all Woodcreek giving.



Raise Up Summary

Download (PDF, 3.36MB)


Why is the building campaign called “Raise Up”?

We are raising up the next generation and this is a critical part of our mission and calling. This facility will allow us to minister in a greater way to children, students, families, adults and the community as a whole. “Raise Up” expresses Woodcreek’s mission. We are raising up fully  devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Why are we expanding our building now?

We are out of space! When space is limited, there is a direct impact on the growth and quality of our various ministries. Our weekday and weekend use of the facility is at maximum capacity. Since 2010, we’ve recognized the need for additional space on Sunday mornings and mid-week. However, we were committed to retire the debt that was necessary to move to our current location. Now that all of the previous debt has been retired, it’s time to address our current and future facility needs.

How will the new building be used?

In addition to expanding our Kidcreek classrooms, this building will allow for expanding our ministries across the board: youth, AWANA, Bible Studies, Community Groups, BEST ESL, young adults, adult education, other outreach opportunities and more. The Activity Center significantly impacts our children and student ministries and allows for the possibility of an additional Sunday morning service venue.

What will happen to the existing Kidcreek space?

The existing Kidcreek space will continue to be used for our children and will be updated with new paint and carpet.

How much will this project cost?

Our current cost projection for the new space is $7 million.

What is our financial plan?

We intend to pay for as much of the building as possible over the next three years through cash & pledges, the church budget and then financing, if necessary.

What is a capital campaign and how do I determine what to give?

A capital campaign raises money over a designated period for a specific building project. In this case, we are asking for a 3-year commitment over and above regular giving. There is no formula for determining your commitment. Families in our church have widely different financial abilities. Still, every family can meaningfully and prayerfully invest themselves in the future of our church to the best of their ability. Another way to say this is, “not equal amounts, but equal sacrifice.” What might you sacrifice or reprioritize in order to invest in the future of God’s work here? Responding to this opportunity will mean each family asking God to work through them to give their best.

What is the timeline to build and use the new facility?

We anticipate breaking ground on the building expansion in January, 2017. With minimal construction delays, we will be able to use the facility in the fall of 2017.

How many rooms will be available for adults/youth to use during the week? How many additional rooms will be available for adults to use on Sunday?

The Bridge has 5 large classrooms with adult-size tables and chairs and a large meeting room equipped with Audio/Visual (A/V) for meetings of up to 80 people seated at round tables and even more seated in a lecture-style arrangement.  Wildwood Activity Center will seat up to 250 people (equipped with A/V).  These areas can be scheduled for adults and youth during the week.  Timbers and room 219 will become adult meeting space on Sunday mornings.  This is in addition to Creekside, which we already use on Sundays for adults.

How will the construction impact the current use of the facility?

Our hope is construction will have minimal impact on the use of the current facility.  We know there will be times when the south entrance will be closed.  The outdoor playground will be dismantled mid December of ’16 and reassembled in its new location August of ’17.  This is an unfortunate inconvenience that cannot be avoided.

Will you be adding any office space?

No, not at this time.

Will the indoor playground be available for public use during the week?

Yes, this is one of our reasons for putting it in the new facility.

Will there be a kitchen in the new building?

No.  There will be a coffee prep area but no food prep area.

How will the expansion affect the community garden?

We are committed to the refuge garden ministry.  One garden will be moved a bit more to the south.

Are there plans to add more parking places?

Not at this time.  We have a signed agreement with our neighbors to use their parking on the weekends.  We are thankful for this provision!

What is the child-safety plan?

This is a combination of card-reader doors, video cameras and security personnel.  Please contact one of our Kidcreek staff for more details.  Child safety is a top priority in the design and function of the new building.

Is this next step big enough?

That is a great question.  We have designed this next step to accommodate the children on Sundays when both our current auditorium and Wildwood Activity Center are full with simultaneous services (80% is full for large rooms).  So, yes it is big enough for this next step.  The education building fits into our master plan for this property.