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Giving Trees

Part of the Mission of Community Impact at Woodcreek has always been to empower those struggling in material poverty and Christmas is a great time to practice this mission. God is the ultimate gift giver and at Christmas, we draw attention to this fact and take part in our privilege as image bearers of God by giving gifts to those we love. Many times the materially poor do not get to take part in these blessings but rather become only the recipients of our gifts. Therefore, they are excluded from the image bearing opportunity and for many of them, this exclusion is worse than the material poverty they are experiencing.

So, this year we are going to give the gift of giving! Woodcreek is supporting Christmas initiatives that work to create opportunities for those living in material poverty to use their resources to purchase and then give gifts to those they love, thereby creating in them a sense of dignity and inclusion in the blessings of Christmas giving.

To participate in this effort visit one of the Christmas Trees in the atrium beginning Nov. 12 and pick up an item from the tree to purchase and return for use in discounted Christmas stores associated with For The Nations refugee ministry and Forman Elementary School.