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We exist to glorify God by encouraging and helping people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.


Our church has four core values. They guide everything we do. We might change the methods we use to accomplish these values, but the values don’t change.

We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God. We believe it is true. We believe it has authority. Therefore, we want to teach the Bible in a clear, accurate, and relevant way. We want to line up our thoughts and lives to the Bible, rather than lining the Bible up with our thoughts and lives.

God is a relational God. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit have loved one another for eternity. God chose to share that love with us. People matter to God and, therefore, they should matter to us. Jesus told His disciples that people would know they were his disciples by how they loved one another. That doesn’t happen alone. We need each other. This is why much of what we do happens in small groups. In these small groups we want to be real; not fake. We want to stop pretending and be who we really are: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Jesus told his followers to go everywhere and make more followers – so we do! That means that although we want to love and serve one another inside the church, we must also reach outside the church. Locally, nationally and internationally we want to help meet people’s physical and spiritual needs. We want to help feed them, clothe them, house them, teach them, free them and, most importantly, introduce them to Jesus.

Worshipping God is the greatest and most important thing we can do. Although it includes singing, it isn’t only singing. It is also how we work, how we play, how we study. In fact, the Bible tells us that everything we do we should do for God’s glory. That is what we try to do here.


We do many things at Woodcreek, but there are three primary activities that we want everyone to do because these activities encourage your own spiritual growth and the spiritual growth of those around you: CONNECT, SERVE, & SHARE.

We want every person at Woodcreek to be part of a small group of other Christians. This is where we live out all those “one another” passages in the Bible.

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We want every person at Woodcreek to find a place to serve others, inside or outside the church. Jesus was a servant. As his followers, we should be too.

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We want every person at Woodcreek to share their story and the gospel of Jesus Christ with others.

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To Learn more, listen to our messages from our 2014 Vision Series: Connect, Serve, Share.