If you are not in a small group today, make it your goal to join one soon. If you are in a small group make it your goal to refuse to stay superficial but go deep to help and encourage each other to become more fully devoted followers of Christ.

Practicing Service is a spiritual discipline to engage our faith and help us become like Jesus Christ.  We are never more like Jesus Christ than when we serve.  Christ-like service is not simply an outward expression but the manifestation of God’s empowering Spirit at work inside of us.  Serving is about reflecting both the attitude and actions of Jesus Christ toward others.

Stewardship reminds us that although we possess much, we own nothing. God is the owner and we are his stewards. Stewardship is about wisely managing the resources God has entrusted to us. That includes using our time, abilities, material and financial assets for the benefit of God and blessing of others.

Practicing simplicity involves untangling our desire for material things so we can increase our desire for spiritual things. It involves loosening our grip on possessions and learning to be content. It involves uncomplicating our lives and letting go of lesser things so that we can pursue what matters most.

Fasting is the act of engaging our physical bodies in our communication with God. We fast in response to serious situations in life by denying ourselves food for a period of time.

Prayer, simply put, is talking to God. Our challenge this week is to make prayer a regular, consistent and vital part of your relationship with God by daily incorporating the acts of adoration, confession, thanksgiving and supplication (ACTS).

Surrender is the process of relinquishing possessions and control to God.  It’s submitting to the power, authority, and control of God in your life.

Find a place where you can be alone with God and schedule a time with God at least once a week. Practice being still and silent before the Lord, being honest with your feelings and being attentive for God to speak into your life.

Sabbath-keeping involves setting aside one day a week where you stop working, slow down, rest, and let God restore your energy, passion and joy for living in relationship with Him and others.

Being in the Scriptures is spending time in the Bible: reading, studying, meditating and even memorizing. It’s not so much about information as transformation. Reading the Bible is not something to check off your “to do” list, but it’s a way of connecting daily with God.