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Psalm 119:105

Your word is a lamp to my feet
    and a light to my path.

Have you ever been camping or hiking and the sun has gone down and you struggling to see what is ahead of you? You forgot your flashlight and the moon is not out and it is just darkness? Maybe you’re like me and camping is not your thing. Have you ever been in your room and it is night time and you turn off the last light to go to bed, that immediate darkness before your eyes adjust. Think about that kind of darkness. The fear of the unknown and what lies ahead in that darkness. In the Psalms we learn that God never wants us to feel that way in our spiritual life. He wants us to know He desires for our path to be lit. He gave us His Word so that we may know the plans He has for us. He also gave it to provide light in the dark places when we feel like we don’t know which way to go.

  1. Has there been a time in your life where you felt that darkness, physically or spiritually? Was that a place you wanted to spend much time in?
  2. Do you feel like God has given you a pretty clear path for your life, what is it?
  3. Have you ever felt you were in the dark and God lit up the way He wanted you to go? How did that effect the way you think about God?