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High School

Our High School mission trips are a vital part of growing and being stretched in our faith. We value them also because of the unique way immersive service brings the group together. But we don’t want students to just go on a fun trip for a week without being engaged in serving here in their local community. Therefore, we challenge our students by holding them to strong expectations and prerequisites for participation on these trips. Our hope is that both the trip and the process leading up to the trip will be sharpening to their growing faith.

We provide two different mission trip opportunities for our high school students, a stateside CARE trip and summer international opportunity.

Our CARE Trip, open to 9th – 12th graders, was born out of a growing heart for missions from our students and the need to offer help and support in our own country. This trip typically takes place during Winter break or Spring break. Over the past several years, we have served at the Voice of the Martyrs ministry in Oklahoma. It gives our students an opportunity to serve the persecuted church around the world and develop our heart for those suffering for the cause of Christ.

Students who are entering the 11th and 12th grade are eligible for our international mission trip. In the past we have gone to Cordoba, Mexico and to Managua, Nicaragua to serve our Woodcreek supported missionaries.

To learn more, visit our High School Missions page.