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Prison Ministry

Jesus tells us in the Bible that when we visit those in prison, we visit him (Matthew 25:34-40). Just as we seek to serve those who are hungry, homeless, widows and orphans, we also seek to serve those in prison. We do that in partnership with Bill Glass Prison Ministry.

There are several opportunities throughout the year for training and for visiting prisoners. Come join us and help minister to the least of these. For more information contact prisonministry@woodcreekchurch.com.

My experience with Bill Glass Prison Ministries has been very positive. With the help of the Holy Spirit, I was quite surprised how bold and without judgement I was able to be, as well as how safe I always felt. The prisoners are a captive and hungry audience, desperate for a new spiritual start. For me, it was a great feeling for me to get how of my comfort zone and make a difference.

Bob Blackwell

Woodcreek Volunteer

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