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For the Nations

Woodcreek Church partners with For The Nations Refugee Outreach to help provide educational and acculturation services that help meet the practical needs of refugees and to share with them the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We work with refugees from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, who speak more than 40 languages, and have traveled through many countries to find safety in the United States.

For the Nations serves 1,550 refugees annually from more than 20 countries including {Congo, Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Burundi, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Burma} all resettled legally and permanently in the Dallas area. These refugees range in age from 0- 87, consist of men, women, and children, and speak over 50 languages. They are from all faith backgrounds, and have persevered through many dangerous situations to arrive safely in the United States.

There are more than 200,000 refugees in the Greater Dallas area, with Dallas hosting the 2nd largest refugee population in the U.S. These refugees are placed here by the U.S. government, and given only about 30 days of support after they arrive. Dallas is expected to continue receiving about 4,000 new arrivals each year. Most come from places where they haven’t had a chance to learn English, or to receive an education, and all begin their lives in the US in poverty. For the Nations exists to help refugees from arrival in the U.S. until the time they are appropriately acculturated, able to communicate and work, and are on their way out of poverty and into becoming contributing members of society. This process takes about 5 years.

For The Nations offers:

1. Regular adult classes include English, literacy, citizenship, and GED preparation and regular children’s classes include preschool, and after school ESL programs for PK-8th graders. We hold these classes daily at 3 locations for 550 refugees, 40 weeks per year.

2. Summer reading/ESL program and newcomer education program serves 300 refugee children and adults daily for 8 weeks for those refugees who have recently arrived to the U.S.

3. Special events throughout the year include apartment outreaches, and “elective” classes on subjects like cooking, job skills, computer, and other life skills.

4. Acculturation, giving them the necessary skills for survival in the U.S.

Woodcreek volunteers assist in all these endeavors as well as donate school supplies and Christmas gifts. Contact refugee@woodcreekchurch.com to find out how you can get involved in this valuable ministry.

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