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Community Garden

wc-cg-logoThe Woodcreek Community Garden is all about growing stuff. Amongst the beans and okra, friendships between Woodcreek volunteers and Bhutanese refugees have popped up. And then on the next row over we’ve been collaborating with another church to grow a whole new garden section. New and interesting veggies like bitter melon, yard long beans and Chinese mustard greens are flourishing on the North Texas prairie. Community, shared learning and creativity are thriving.

This garden provides fresh veggies and a bit of margin for the tight budgets of our Bhutanese friends. It also offers a respite from the cramped quarters of their apartments in Vickery Meadows. We hope that self-sufficiency will someday be part of what grows out there. We’ve only begun to imagine all the ways that the garden can minister to those in need in our community.

Are you the Garden volunteer we’re looking for?

The Woodcreek Community Garden is a unique and dynamic ministry. Volunteers are needed to help with transportation, to water the garden daily in the summer, to cultivate friendships with the Bhutanese, to build the 2nd garden space and many other things. We’ve never done a ministry like this so an adventurous spirit is quite handy.

If you are a Discovery Class, have an others-centered, are willing to join an experiment in progress and have a desire to pursue relationship with those in poverty situations then the garden ministry might be for you! For more information about the garden or how you can be a part of it contact:

Nece Sharpe at garden@woodcreekchurch.com.

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