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The new MITC dental clinic is nearing completion.

Last Christmas (2014) for our special project we gave the gift of dental care. As a church raised money to re-build a dental clinic on the campus of the Mexican Indian Training Center (MITC) in Cordoba, Mexico. Our goal was $30,000. The generosity of God’s people here gave over $40,000 to the project!!

Starting this past January work on the clinic began.  The roof was replaced and a new ceiling was put in. The entire inside was remodeled which included new paint, sinks, windows and tiled counters. In addition, an x-ray room was built.

The next step in this project is to purchase new equipment: new dental chairs, a portable x-ray machine, dental lights, curing lights, a compressor, etc.

The school has brought a dentist onto their staff who will be in charge of the dental clinic and also be the women’s dorm Prefect.  This is a very exciting addition to the MITC staff!

Thank-you again for your generosity and faithfulness.  We are looking forward to the opening of the clinic soon to share the love of Christ through healthy teeth!