Tammy Scott, Children


  • BA in Education from Dallas Baptist University (1996)
  • Married to Roger since (1996)
  • Three kids: Ryan, Jonny and Emily

Tammy and Roger came to Woodcreek in (1995) and she joined the staff in (2003) as assistant director of kids’ ministry. She became Kidcreek director in (2007). Tammy has worked in childcare since graduating high school in 1989. She served as assistant director of Childtime Childcare Center and director of after school/summer programs at First Baptist Church Grand Prairie. Tammy’s joyful spirit and easygoing manner make her a superb leader for our Woodcreek kids.

Tammy’s passion for children is surpassed only by her passion for Jesus, and she can’t imagine more satisfying work than what she does at Kidcreek. She finds it refreshing watching the kids show their excitement during worship and class time while they learn about Jesus. Tammy also enjoys meeting families and helping them bring their children to an understanding of Jesus’ love for them.

Fun Facts

  • For fun, Tammy likes to be with family. She likes having lunch with her sisters and enjoys Wii nights at home with Roger and the kids. And she loves being at Kidcreek. “It’s a vital part of our lives. Our kids enjoy serving with us. We want to instill in them the value of serving others and this is a great place to show them.”
  • The first car that Tammy owned was a blue 1987 Ford Escort. “I just needed it to get me through college. Two weeks after graduation it died on LBJ! Fun times.”
  • Tammy’s favorite season of the year is Fall. “My birthday is in the fall and that is the best part. But I also love watching the beauty of the changing of the seasons.”
  • If Tammy joined the circus, what act would she most want to perform? “I love the clowns! I would want to be the driver of the little car they all pile out of.” Actually, this is a great metaphor for what Tammy does in Kidcreek….
  • When Tammy was little she wanted to grow up to be a…wait for it…teacher! She is living the dream!
  • Tammy’s favorite childhood memory was spending time with her dad on Lake Texoma. “We fished a lot together. He bought himself this great two-man boat that had a trolling motor on it, and when we would go out into the marina, I would get to ‘drive.’ My first attempt, I didn’t get the motor down far enough in the water and gave us both a nice shower with lake water!”