Michelle Mann, Jr. High


  • BS in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee
  • Married to Mark since 1997
  • Three awesome kids: Ryan, Natalie, and Caroline

Michelle and her family came to Woodcreek in 2009 and she joined the staff in March of 2012. After a few years of volunteering with the church’s youth, it became clear to both Michelle and church leadership that she was the right person to serve as director of the Jr. High ministry. Michelle’s down-to-earth personality, her authenticity and her dedication are huge blessings to our church’s youth and their parents. (Her co-workers get a kick out of her too.)

Michelle’s passion is helping students learn how to make their faith their own. “I want to do everything I can to teach them how to dig into God’s Word and make it real in their lives,” she says. “I want to help them figure out how their story fits into God’s story.”

Michelle says the best part of her job is getting to hang out with students and watch them grow in their faith.

Fun Facts

  • For fun Michelle likes camping, going on vacations, taking her kids to the pool, playing games, and spending time with friends.
  • Michelle’s first car was a black Nissan 200SX. “One of my favorite things about it was that it talked! The phrase I heard most often, and frequently ignored, was ‘Your fuel level is low.’”
  • Three words that Michelle would use to describe herself are energetic, joyful and task-oriented.
  • Asked what one of her weird quirks is Michelle responds, “Tapping drives me crazy. Did I mention my son’s a drummer? God likes to stretch us.”
  • Of the four seasons, Michelle’s favorite is Fall. “I love everything about it. The cooler temps, the change of colors, outdoor activities and FOOTBALL!”
  • If Michelle had to be trapped in a TV show for a month, which show would she choose? “Amazing Race. It would be so awesome to travel to so many fantastic places.”
  • If she joined the circus, Michelle would want to be an elephant trainer.
  • Michelle says that her favorite childhood memory is “probably going to job sites with my Dad on Saturdays. We would ride in his truck, sing crazy songs, and eat all the junk food mom wouldn’t let us have at home.”