Mark Engelthaler, Executive Pastor


  • Bachelors of Science from Columbia International University, 1980
  • Masters of Theology, Dallas Theological Seminary, 1984
  • Doctor of Ministry, Dallas Theological Seminary, 1994
  • Married to Lesa since 1980
  • Two boys, Matt and Dave, and one daughter-in-law, Jill, married to Matt

Mark and Lesa began attending Woodcreek in 1980, and Mark joined the staff in 1983. He has always worked in the cleaning business in one form or another: from 1968 to 1976 he worked as a Maytag Applicance repairman, and in the early ‘80s he cleaned swimming pools for a living. Now Mark is wholly devoted to the cleansing work of Jesus.

Mark loves God’s church and being a part of God’s work at Woodcreek. His passion is seeing lives transformed by Christ. A favorite part of Mark’s job is seeing people come alive in Christ as they use their gifts for the glory of God.

Fun Facts

  • For fun, Mark likes to cook, scuba dive, play golf and work in the garage on his 1986 CJ7 Jeep.
  • Mark’s first car was a sort-of-green, late 60′s VW bug. It had no A/C, no radio and a heater that did not really work, but it ran great and saved his life one time. Ask him about it.
  • Three adjectives that Mark uses to describe himself are funny, organized and intense/casual.
  • If Mark could be any animal he would be a blacktip shark because he loves the ocean.
  • Mark’s favorite season is Spring. He loves seeing everything come back to life.
  • If Mark had to be trapped in a TV show for a month he would choose Seinfeld, which he calls the “best show ever.”
  • When Mark was little he wanted to grow up to be a cowboy.
  • If Mark joined the circus, he would want to be shot out of the canon.
  • Mark has always secretly wished he could do two things at once.
  • Mark’s favorite childhood memory is of staying with his grandparents at their summer home in Hatfield, Wisconsin, which he describes as an “awesome time of swimming, walking, exploring, using my imagination—just being a kid!”