Int’l Students

International Friendship Partners

The International Friendship Partner program is a partnership between International Students Inc. and Woodcreek Church in which we match international students from the University of Texas-Dallas with Woodcreek families. Mutually beneficial relationships grow as a result of the Friendship Partner program.

The brightest and best students from many countries come to America to study. These future leaders come from every background imaginable, but all have one thing in common – the need for relationships. They are eager to make new friends in the United States. What a tremendous opportunity God has given us to share Christ’s love with these students!

Around 1000 new international students enroll each year at UTD.  They comprise a “mission field” in our own backyard. We need individuals and families to develop friendships with these students.

International Christian Fellowship

Most Friday nights during the fall and spring school semesters international students and Woodcreek members meet together in American homes for dinner and Bible Study. The time spent together enriches lives of both students and volunteers as relationships are built with each other and with God.

I came from India to do my Masters. I didn’t have anyone over here. The ICF Home Group was a home away from home to me. Our lessons about the Bible and Jesus Christ were completely inspiring.

-Isha Ishwarya

Contact Nita Thomason at for more information or to get involved in International Friendship Partners or International Christian Fellowship!

Temporary Housing

Contact Allen Hainline at to help a student arriving at DFW International Airport get to the Richardson area

Airport Pickup

Contact John Anderson at to offer a student housing when they first arrive until they are able to obtain permanent housing (usually a few days to a week).