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Kidcreek is where young kids (0 – 5th grade) go to be loved and learn about Jesus while the adults are in the main service. Our purpose is to partner with kids and their families to develop fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. We strive to lay a foundation for our children to know Jesus as their personal Savior and give them the tools to impact their world.


In Kidcreek there is wonderful worship, engaging lessons and meaningful relationships formed. It’s amazing! Beginning at two years old we have intentional teaching programs we use with the kids. All preschoolers and Kindergarteners use Group Hands-On material. 1st – 5th grades use 252 Basics with a small group/large group format. Each life group is broken down by grade and gender and kept between 10-12 kids in order to help build relationships. Each life group has at least one adult and one youth leader.

In Kidcreek we want to teach our children how to worship God! For Preschool kids this is done in the classrooms. Worship leaders go to each classroom and lead our kids in a time of worship. They learn the Sunday School Classics along with contemporary songs. This is a great way for our children to begin learning what it means to worship through song. Grade school kids (K-5) worship together through song and scripture. The Kidcreek Worship Team leads the group with a mixture of live music (full band!) and recorded music.


If your kids have never been with us before, then come to the main Kidcreek entrance and we will walk you through the process of getting them registered. If they have been here before, then you can sign them in at any Kidcreek kiosk. Your first time checking in you will fill out a registration card with important information about you and your kids. You will get a nametag for each child and a parent tag for you. One of our escorts will then show you to your kids’ classrooms and then take you to the auditorium. You will pick up your child from the same room you dropped them off. You will need your parent tag to get back into the Kidcreek area and to pick up your child. The teacher will ask for it to match it with your child’s name tag, so hold on to it! If you ever misplace it and need another one, go to any kiosk and they can print you another one .


The parent tag you get will have a 4-digit code on it. If for any reason your child needs you during the service, this code will be displayed on the black boxes located on the side walls of the auditorium. If you see your number flashed, go to a kiosk outside the Kidcreek doors and someone will assist you.


We want to know. You can tell us about them when you initially fill out your information card. They will also be printed on your child’s name tag. We encourage you to remind the teacher when you drop them off. We do serve snacks to our preschool aged kids. We provide a gluten free/peanut-free fruit snack and a peanut-free snack similar to goldfish. If you don’t want your child to have one of these, please feel free to pack a snack for your child. Let the teacher know that you brought their snack for the morning. We understand that some kids have very severe allergies, it is important that you know that we are not a peanut free campus.


Families who have children with special needs are cared for in special ways! We have Kidcreek Buddies who are paired with a child and stay with them throughout the service. They are there to help them in any way needed and encourage them to participate in the morning activities.


Every adult and youth leader (6th-12th graders) must complete a criminal background check and the Woodcreek Church Child Safety Evaluation. All leaders also go through orientation when they first begin serving.



We are so grateful for Kidcreek! Knowing that our kids are being truly loved on unconditionally means the world to us.

Joel & Melody Deluca