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The Awana program at Woodcreek encourages children to know, love and serve Christ! Using an exciting approach to learning God’s word, children 3 years old through 6th grade enjoy weekly club meetings jam-packed full of fun. Meetings consist of Handbook Time, Game Time and Council Time. We also participate in regional events including Bible Quiz and Awana Games. Awana meets on Thursday nights during the school year from 6:15 – 8:00 PM

2017 / 18 Schedule

Fall: September 7 — November 16, 2017

Spring: January 4 – May 10, 2018


How do I register my child?

Registration this year is on Thursday, August 24 at 6:30. To speed the process along, we ask that each family fill out the registration form and order form prior to the meeting and bring the forms with you on August 24 however there will be blank registration and order forms available during registration.

You can sign up to volunteer with Awana at registration night (and any other night). If you would like to volunteer, fill out the Volunteer Form and give it to the Awana Commander or Secretary.

It is not necessary to bring your child to registration.  There will not be any Awana activities this night. We will set up another room to play a movie for all children to watch during registration.

How much does Awana cost?

Each clubber in Awana is required to purchase a handbook and uniform.  These items are crucial to your child’s involvement in Awana and will be used on a weekly basis.  The price of a handbook and uniform vary depending on the current price being charged by Awana.  The Awana order forms have this year’s prices on them.

Throughout the year special events are held for individual clubs.  At times some events (for example, Awana Games or Grand Prix) require additional fees to help with the cost of t-shirts, derby cars and special equipment.

Are there scholarships available?

Our desire is that no child would be left out of Awana due to financial hardship.  Therefore, we make scholarships available to families experiencing financial difficulty.  If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please contact or Awana Commander or the Awana Secretary at awana@woodcreekchurch.com

Where do I take my child when we arrive to Awana?

All clubbers are checked in at our check-in stations in the atrium.  Each child will be given a name tag with a code on it.  The parent or guardian will be given a corresponding tag that must be presented to pick up the child.

All clubbers and volunteers are to proceed to Timbers for opening ceremony. Opening ceremony begins promptly at 6:15 pm.  

What does my child do during Awana?

The evening is divided into three portions, each teaching in a different format. Handbook Time allows the children to recite verses they have learned to adult listeners and show other progress they have made in their handbooks. Game Time offers a chance for the children to have fun, while practicing good sportsmanship and manners. Council Time is a large group format where the children learn from the Bible and how it can mean something in their own life.

Is there parent involvement?

Absolutely, yes! As parents, you play a most important role in Awana. Your child will need your encouragement—and probably reminders—to prepare their handbook sections in advance of Wednesday night. Generally a child who prepares just ten minutes a day will be able to successfully finish their entire book before the end of the club year.

If you would like to volunteer to help out at Awana night, please fill out the Volunteer Form and give it to the Awana Commander or Secretary.

What is the Awana store?

Clubbers can spend “Awana bucks” that they earn for Bible memory, handbook progress, and Christ like behavior. The AWANA Store will open periodically throughout the year.

What happens if there is inclement weather?

For inclement weather check the website or call the church office. Woodcreek church follows Plano ISD for closures. If Plano ISD classes or after school events are canceled, the Awana program at Woodcreek will be canceled.

Our Clubs


Cubbie Bear and Luv E. Lamb take preschoolers (ages 3 by Sept. 1-preK) on a thrilling journey through God’s Word. Caring, committed volunteer leaders from Woodcreek nurture your children spiritually as Christian role models and teachers.


The aim of the Sparks is to take youngsters in grades Kindergarten-2 a step deeper into God’s Word while giving unsaved boys and girls regular opportunities to hear the gospel and come to faith in Jesus Christ. All children, regardless of age, start with the Flight 316 then HangGlider handbook.


The name Truth & Training reflects the passion of Awana to teach third through sixth-grade boys and girls the truth of God’s Word and to train them to follow Christ in their daily lives. Our goal is that many of today’s young people will become tomorrow’s church leaders. T&T is the program that trains the leaders of tomorrow — today. All children, regardless of age, start with the Start Zone and then Ultimate Adventure Book 1.

Volunteer with Awana

New leader training is August 31 at 6:30 PM in Timbers.

If you are interested in reaching children with the Gospel by volunteering your time, please fill out a volunteer form and/or email awana@woodcreekchurch.com.

clubs-heroes-logo-clip-art-180Kids look forward to Awana® all week! It’s where they hear the gospel and learn the Bible in a fun setting, complete with games, theme nights and special events. But Awana can’t happen without dedicated volunteers who serve each week. Volunteers make all the difference in these kids’ lives. Whether you like to teach, run games, lead songs, play with puppets, keep records (or get a pie in the face), Awana has a place for you. One thing’s for sure – you’ll have fun!

Please note: background checks and general orientation are required for Awana volunteers.

AWANA Special Events

The special events listed below are events our club may participate in based on interest and volunteer assistance. These events are regional competitions with other AWANA groups.

This annual sporting event between local AWANA clubs is for the T&T Club. The primary goal is to teach Christian sportsmanship and to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all in attendance. It is conducted on the AWANA Game Square, which the children practice on each week in Game Time.

This is similar to an AWANA Games meet, but is for our Sparks clubbers. It’s a day of fun for young children; a day of exciting participation with new friends. It is not a day of high-pressured competition. These children are not ready for the rivalry of an AWANA Games meet. We do not expect or encourage them to compete as fervently as older children. Sparkies play games for the fun of playing them. Winning is only one gratifying result of their team effort.

With multiple choice quizzing, speed and written quizzing, T&T clubbers compete against other clubs to display their Bible knowledge.

This special event is conducted at our club. A pinewood derby where the clubbers design, build and race their own cars.