Three Stories Prove Racial Reconciliation Can Happen (Not Easy)

Originally published on The week following the election my friend Alicia told me that she did not feel comfortable anymore in our predominantly White church. When I asked why, Alicia said, “I don’t want to be around people who don’t want me.” Alicia is Black and was referring to the infamous statistic that roughly 81 percent of white evangelicals supported Trump (The Atlantic). Fortunately, Alicia braved attending church and the pastor addressed the race issue. Alicia told me later that she wept the whole service, and with a grin, said that several of the White people around her were especially friendly after the service. Even before the election, I had wanted to do something about the growing gap in the racial divide. And yet, I am one White woman living in the suburbs of Dallas; what difference could I make? Inspired by my honest conversations with Alicia, I realized that it may be a small effort — but I am doing something. I have witnessed racial reconciliation in one-on-one relationships, especially in my friendships with three amazing Black people, which began with one interview, one difficult conversation, and one new pastor at my church. (To keep things simple, I will use the terms Black and/or White to describe my friends.) Prentice: One Interview Back in 2006, a local nonprofit asked me to interview a teenager named Prentice Richmond. His was a compelling story about a kid who was Black with an extremely hard life but who had chosen at 15 years old to give back to his community by coaching a youth basketball team. As Prentice told me... Read more

Save the Date 2016 – And the winners are…

All of us!   Woodcreek’s Save the Date 2016 challenge went far beyond anything we expected! We had 99 married couples complete the challenge by intentionally dating each other all year long! Each went on at least 3 dates per month, no more than 1 per week, and shared them on social media using #wcsavethedate16 in the post. Every couple (except staff members) were entered into a drawing for a 7-day cruise! We also a 2 weekend getaway drawings, one for just staff participants and one for everyone else. The truth is, all of the couples participating WON before a name was even drawn! Just having the weekly intentionality together, taking the time to build their marriages, had some profound effects on these couples. However, 3 very lucky couples have a some extended date time coming up! Watch our winners’... Read more

Our Newest Staff Member: Jacob Davis

We are excited to announce to our church family that Jacob Davis is our new full-time Middle School Director! Jacob loves Middle school students and loves to live out the gospel in his life. This combination along with his studies at Dallas Seminary and his desire to teach the Bible accurately and with relevance equips Jacob to lead our Middle School Ministry well. Originally from South Louisiana, Jacob moved to Dallas after graduating from Northwestern State University. Jacob is married to Lauren and they have two children. Their son, Brooks, is 5 and their daughter, Aleece, is 3. In 2013, Aleece was born with a congenital heart defect which has required several surgeries. While Aleece was undergoing physical open heart surgery, Jacob and Lauren were undergoing spiritual open heart surgery. This experience has rocked their family to the core yet it has also strengthened their faith like none other. Their journey has led both Jacob and Lauren to answer God’s call into ministry. In addition to Jacob joining the Woodcreek staff, Lauren is taking the lead on opening Strong Heart, a fitness and sports ministry focused on Christ, acknowledging that true strength comes only from the Lord. Be sure to look for Jacob and Lauren on Sunday to welcome them to the Woodcreek Staff.... Read more

Scars Tell a Story

For the past several years, along with a team of women from Woodcreek, I have had the amazing experience of working alongside a ministry in Nicaragua called the House of Hope that helps women and their children escape sex trafficking. Two years ago we met Ana* who had just arrived. The House of Hope staff told us that when Ana tried to escape from her pimp; he held her down, stabbed her in the face and then cut off her arm. Somehow surviving, friends brought Ana to the House of Hope. Ana was leery of us at first. And yet, as the days went on and we got to be around her more (and played soccer with her kids!) Ana warmed up a bit but never talked about her former life. This past fall when we returned to the House of Hope, we couldn’t wait to see how Ana was doing. There was so much joy in Ana’s eyes and she said that she wanted to tell us her story. As Ana shared, we were struck by her fierce bravery — to have even attempted an escape! More so, we began to see that Ana’s scars were not ugly at all, but instead told the courageous story of a survivor healed by Jesus. Later that evening, in our team meeting, I realized that Ana’s story reminded me of I Peter 2:24, “By his [Jesus] wounds you have been healed.” Ana’s physical scars may never let her forget her former life of prostitution. And yet, I think that Jesus sees Ana’s scars as the fearless tale of a beautiful woman... Read more

New York Mission Trip

In the summer of 2015, a team of Woodcreekers did evangelism on the streets of New York.  This was the first mission trip of its kind for us and left every team member deeply changed. Watch the full-length interview video below to learn more about the experience. If you are interested in joining the team in 2016, please plan to attend the Info Meeting on Sunday, May 22 at 12:30 PM in the Living... Read more