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toolbox-ministryToolbox Ministry

The Woodcreek Toolbox Ministry is a handyman program helping members of the church with minor home maintenance and repairs. Its primary mission is to assist seniors, disabled and single parents of the church.


It’s typical that clients will pay for the cost of materials for the job but there is no labor costs involved. Donations will be accepted for the Woodcreek Toolbox Ministry general fund. This fund is used to pay for materials for other clients who are unable to pay for their materials.


The Woodcreek Toolbox Ministry provides minor home maintenance and repair in the home. Typical repairs are the type that can be completed in one or two days working 3 to 4 hours each day. Projects that are more complex and take more time will be considered when the workload allows. Jobs will be not undertaken which require the volunteer to be licensed or for which a building permit is required. Examples of typical work include:

  • Installation of smoke detectors, changing batteries
  • Minor plumbing repair
  • Minor electrical repair
  • A/C filter replacement
  • Changing light bulbs
  • Identification of problems such as “A/C not working”, “Thermostat not working”, etc.
  • Fence repair
  • Issues arising from city code enforcement, such as yard maintenance, low hanging limbs, etc.

To request help, please submit a request using the form below. For other questions, please email toolbox@woodcreekchurch.com.